Vanessa Coleman Photography | About

My interest in photography started at a young age. My parents claim that when I was a small child I would walk toward the camera with my hands outstretched to grab it. They have pictures of this which I will never allow to be public :)

I think I was 10 when my dad bought me my first film camera. It was a point and click film camera and I remember taking dozens of photos with my friends so we could practice being famous. :) In high school I took his 35mm Minolta camera (which did not have a flash!) and used it for my high school black and white film photography class. I still have that camera, he does not know that though. :)

Fast forward to age 30 and my husband bought me first DSLR camera and pushed me to learn more and do more. After two years I took the leap of opening my photography business and hope to get to get to a point to do what I love for a living. They say if you are doing what you love you will never work a day in your life.

I was born and raised in Florida so I love the sun! I love to take photos outside and capture those highlights around people that only the sun can provide. :) My photographic style leans toward lifestyle with a little bit of portrait. You must have formal posed photos but I also love candid shots of people doing things and interacting with each other. 

There are many moments I want to provide photos for such as High School Senior portraits and maternity. I also want to do fun sessions such as Prom photos. I love to see people show off their personality in their photos so I encourage fun places, clothes, and props!