Vanessa Coleman Photography | Random Things about your Photographer

  I decided to add a section to share some more information about who I am. It might help you get a feel for my personality before we meet or talk 

on the phone. You know, break the ice a little?

 1. I have an awesome husband. I know everyone says that. But I really have an awesome husband. He lets me be me. All the time. Even when I        have one of those small little OCD outbursts about the kitchen being a mess. 

 2. I have a teenager! Ah! My daughter is now 13! 

 3. I am an animal lover. We have 2 dogs and a beautiful Siamese cat. 

 4. I have a veggie garden. I try every year to grow veggies. I am on my 3rd year of trial and error. I will keep you posted on my blog. :)

 5. I love to cook and I love food. Which is why, I try to work out 4 times a week because I love food. 

 6.  I am not much of a baker. I can make a pie and it will taste good but it won't be pretty.

 7.  I get sappy at the most unexpected things. For instance, there have been Publix Holiday commercials that have made me get teary eyed.  

 8. I have 1 cup of coffee in the morning. I must wake up and have time to sit and drink my 1 cup of coffee.  Sometimes on weekends I will have 2 but   during the week just 1. 

 9.  I like to paint and draw. I am not super good at it but I still love to do it. 

 10. I have 2 tattoos. And I want to add on to one of them. When will I outgrow this?

 11. I like interesting people. I have friends from all walks of life. I believe that God wants us to be kind to each other and tolerant.