Vanessa Coleman Photography | My Wedding Photos Inspired Me

I disliked my wedding photos. I was very dissapointed.   I picked my photographer(s)  because they had shot someone else's wedding that I knew and the photos I saw were beautiful. Well, there were many things in my photos that I felt they should have paid attention to while shooting and/or corrected during post production.

A bride does not get this day back.

This has inspired me to work harder as a photographer.   Some things that I think a photographer should do during a wedding...

1. Attention to detail during wedding ..  that first photo of your husband when he sees you coming down the aisle..

2. Position the party so that there not weird shadows cutting across the the shadow of a flagpole..

3. I do not over whiten teeth or over edit skin but if you got a blemish I am gonna fix it... if your father's teeth are a little discolored in the photo

(and this can happen from light reflecting) I am going to correct it.

I want you to love your photos.. I want to capture moments like this...


Daddy Daughter Dance



Groom and Mother of Bride Dancing